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[15 Jul 2003|12:13pm]

Well well well, the time has come!

I'm going to turn wiz this wednesday! yeah, I know, I've been a mage for months ;> What can I say? I'm Sllloooowwwww ;) I'm gunna turn at level 58/44! I'd rather go higher, but I'm actually getting really impatient ;> So if anyone wants to help out before then or whatever to get me there faster or higher ;) (I'm 57/43 right now, with about 30% till base and 45 or so till job) let me know, otherwise I'll just turn as soon as I level!

Erm... [09 Jul 2003|06:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Will there ever be a Loki EO? Spira seems to be the equivilant, so I'm just wondering. =/ We're lacking members... since Poing doesn't play chaos anymore and Sean and Sera are into their priests. ^^;;

So err... reply here if you plan on keeping your characters in the Chaos EO... we're not very active. O_o;; Maybe it's time to discuss EO's future since it's falling apart. =x

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hey check this stuff out! its soo true!...well for me [18 Jun 2002|12:48pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Read more...Collapse )
sorry if i spammed >.>;;;

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randomness [17 Jun 2002|09:19pm]

me in anime expo as kirby (tooken last year)


(I'm kirby my friend is waddle dee and my brother is to the left XD)
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^^; [09 Jun 2003|11:01pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Sorry to push down your topic steppy but this has to be asked.
This question is directed at Flipper!
I am a full support/full int aco, should i use a staff or use a chain? What did you use? Did you keep both or just stick with one of them?

Thank you.

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Site preview! [07 Jun 2003|06:12pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Well, it's not 100% finished yet, but I uploaded it for everyone to look at. ^_^

Elpis Orina Website

Stuff I Need:
- to do the "departure" section
- make everyone else's sprites (sprite thing isn't working for me atm)
- get everyone else's info
- add more screenshots/fanart

So yeah, I know some sprite images are broken as well as the "departure" section. ^^; I'll get around to that!

The departure section will have links to various helpful RO sites (feel free to list some), member's personal websites, and linking buttons for EO. If you want to donate a button (88x31 or any other standard button size) then feel free. :3

If anyone has any screenshots or fanart they'd like to put on the site, post them here.

Lots of members haven't given me character specs yet, so please do so, because the ?? looks bad >_>

And Sean, shorten up your bio, it's supposed to be brief, not a whole life story, heh.

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Vaiku [04 Jun 2003|10:54pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Im a little confused as for mage skills still ^^;; Right now i have lv5 cold bolt, lv3 sp recov, lv1 frost driver. My question(s): When should I start the path to SS lv9? Should I finish off frost driver to lv4 and get lv4 thunder bolt as well before going for it?

Thanks in Advance! ^^;

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rational [03 Jun 2003|04:14pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I've deleted my entries. I'm doing this for Flipper. I'm sorry I put you through that. I realize I was wrong to try to make you decide what to do. I can't deal with you, Sean. you're too immature right now. You justify everything with a defensive/effasive wall that no one can get by. Everythign has to be our fault. I'm not putting up with that anymore so just don't talk to me like I originally wanted. It's all i want now. It'll keep me from being nasty. Belive it or not, I don't like being this way. I CAN be a nice person. You just ahve to take the time to get to know people. Learn to respect your guild members. That's all I'm going to ask now. In the end, they'll be the one's who decide what goes on here.

... [03 Jun 2003|10:04am]

is just a buncha comments really worth starting a fight and leaving a guild? I mean sure it maybe rude or something but is it actually worth the whole 9 yards of taking your leave.

well johnny, you and I have different Ideals, I for one let the guild member decide wether he or she should take his leave, cause in my views a guild is like one big family sure there are some black sheep in it but wha t can we do?. Shikata ga nai. Also Sera is mainly Sean's priority cause #1 shes the only other person who plays alot on Loki server #2 I'm too high of a level, #3 they're good friends so no need to rag on that =P.

as a fellow guild member I must say I disagree with your whole philospophy on he goes or I go. thats really really really not the way it should be worked out. At any rate johnny no one is perfect and sometimes you act childish too -.-
dont even dare say no to that cause both you and I know what occurances have caused me to think so in the past. with that said if you dont like any of us why not leave us alone.

p.s. If you say your the leader then why not take responsibility in starting the e.o. guild IN LOKI AND THE OTHER SERVERS rather than just one server and you can never be too old to be a kid ;P

[03 Jun 2003|11:25am]

[ mood | ^^; ]

Okay, NOW we're a paid account. Only 2 months worth, because my credit card has not been too happy with me recently. But it should be enough to make a dent in some of the things we can do. (^^)b I'll keep making payments for it as well, but any donations you guys can make are more than appreciated. You know me... I don't really ask for stuff but I ain't gonna argue if you give it to me. (^^);

I think I'm going to have to back out of making the EO LJ layout. I've got several things going on in my life right now and LJ coding just ain't in me right now. If you want to use layout I made, by all means do so. Everything you need is on that page, and if you need the image names I can provide a list. I can also provide any other information you need for the layout... just drop me an e-mail and I'll do what I can.

I really should come back sometime to make a proper farewell, but I think sometimes that just leaving is the best idea. I'm thinking of just letting RO go for now... I start real university stuff this fall, so even if I got a paid account I'd probably never be on. Or, worse, I'd be on all the time and would ignore my work. And since it seems we're all going in different directions, well... if you want to talk I'm always on LJ or just an e-mail away. I heard from Sera that Sean would like to get together sometime, so I might make a special trip for that... if anybody else wants to do the same, hey, drop me a line. Maybe a group gathering is just a bit too much for all of our schedules, you know?

Okay! So that's all I've got to say. Y'all keep truckin' and work things out, y'hear? Don't make me bust out my inner adult on ya! :tries to look threatening, fails:

PS: How's Sera working out? Good? I hope so! She's been telling me she's had a great time, so I can only hope the feelings are mutual!

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[02 Jun 2003|11:14pm]

Flipper, Please remove Sean form the people able to edit this Livejournal. I replied to the post about him messing with them and he even deleted that comment. I'm not going to tollerete it. He's being immature and I request his removal until he can learn to smarten up.
It's not just you, who you're messing with Sean. It effects everyone here. We've made this Community so we have a place to comment on eachother without taking it strictly to the site.
You're an ass lately. Plain and simple. Grow up or get the fuck out. I'm tire dof putting up with your bullshit. You're immature and until that stops you shouldn't have a place in this community. You've been trusted with power here and you've abused it. I'm one of the guild leaders and i want you out of the community. Not the guild. The community. Whatever Flip or Steppy decides, goes.

And Edit: THIS ACCOUNT IS PAID FOR! So you don't have the right to screw with it like that :)
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Info check again [02 Jun 2003|08:32pm]

Okay, just doing another info check. Click here to see what I have so far.

I'm not so much worried about personal info ("asl?") as I am about characters themselves. If I either didn't put in a character that is in the guild (Chaos OR Loki-to-be), or put in a character that is not/will not be a part of the guild, please make corrections. ^^x

Also double check your website URLs to make sure I have them correct. And, Flipper, do the @elpis-orina.net emails actually work? ^^; If so then it would be nice if everyone posted their email address in a comment so that Flipper can set up/correct the forwards. Flip, if it still forwards to my sereine.net email, please change it to halo at aestia.org, thanks. ;D

Also... character biography pages. If you don't give me the following info then there'll be a bunch of question marks, and that never looks pretty. =P

Favorite skills:
Biography: Doesn't have to be anything major, just character background information if you're creative enough to come up with some.
Theme song: As suggested by Sean. :) Doesn't have to be a RO song. You don't have to specify this, but it would be interesting. And if you're going to make an MP3/midi of the song available for visitors to download, upload them to your own server and give me a link.

Also if you could make a transparent gif of your character's sprite, it would be appreciated... you can use this generator. ;D A front, standing view is sufficient~ If you don't know how to make a transparent gif then just give me your class/hairstyle/haircolor/headgears and I'll make it for you.

That's all... for now. =x
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Grr... [02 Jun 2003|08:32am]

Item and zeny rollback, right? I can't log on yet cuz my money order hasn't reached VA, but I'm assuming that I've lost my Chain that I spent all my money on yesterday. :) (Loki)

Anyone want to donate? *sweatdrop* If you have a spare Chain (don't care if it's upgraded or not) in storage, contact me either on Chaos or Loki... my Loki char is Lynne, I'm sure you all know my Chaos chars. =x
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Confusion [01 Jun 2003|10:39am]

[ mood | sick ]

What happened to all the comments? i went back to check for Flipper's character name's and none of the comments are there :/
Ummm...did LJ glitch?

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P2P [29 May 2003|06:06pm]

So how many of us are registering for P2P?
*Raises Hand*
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[28 May 2003|11:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

All your comment are belong to me.


o.o [22 May 2003|10:30pm]

*blink* .. Hey, look! I'm on here! :D

Um, yhea. I guess I'll introduce me too. I know Johnny and Steppy and sorta Mickey. That's.. bout it. :P

I'm Cary. My character on Loki server is Kyuri. I like to try to kill big things and then die. And then smash my computer as it gets really slow as I try to walk back to where I was. :) Yup.

Hm. I'm hungry.
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-_- [22 May 2003|09:02pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]



Introductions [21 May 2003|09:11am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi ^_^ I only know Steppy, Johnny, and Mickey. Everyone I've never met yet :P So I guess I'll get through the formalities.

My name is Justin, but my internet nickname is Pata-kun (Or Patapee *waves to Steppy*) I'm 16 and I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. *waits for the canadian jokes* ...anyway, my character's name is Jyotaru who is on Chaos. He's a 26/19 acolyte.

Message me if your online! Oh, and my website URL is http://mm.shosts.com/ms/

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thinking [20 May 2002|03:41pm]

you know? I've been thinking lately......we havent started the E.O. guild on Loki yet........since i ahve a catband I COULD trade it or sell it to get the emperium for the guild.........i guess i will

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