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Site preview!

Well, it's not 100% finished yet, but I uploaded it for everyone to look at. ^_^

Elpis Orina Website

Stuff I Need:
- to do the "departure" section
- make everyone else's sprites (sprite thing isn't working for me atm)
- get everyone else's info
- add more screenshots/fanart

So yeah, I know some sprite images are broken as well as the "departure" section. ^^; I'll get around to that!

The departure section will have links to various helpful RO sites (feel free to list some), member's personal websites, and linking buttons for EO. If you want to donate a button (88x31 or any other standard button size) then feel free. :3

If anyone has any screenshots or fanart they'd like to put on the site, post them here.

Lots of members haven't given me character specs yet, so please do so, because the ?? looks bad >_>

And Sean, shorten up your bio, it's supposed to be brief, not a whole life story, heh.
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