Pooru (i_d) wrote in elpis_orina,


is just a buncha comments really worth starting a fight and leaving a guild? I mean sure it maybe rude or something but is it actually worth the whole 9 yards of taking your leave.

well johnny, you and I have different Ideals, I for one let the guild member decide wether he or she should take his leave, cause in my views a guild is like one big family sure there are some black sheep in it but wha t can we do?. Shikata ga nai. Also Sera is mainly Sean's priority cause #1 shes the only other person who plays alot on Loki server #2 I'm too high of a level, #3 they're good friends so no need to rag on that =P.

as a fellow guild member I must say I disagree with your whole philospophy on he goes or I go. thats really really really not the way it should be worked out. At any rate johnny no one is perfect and sometimes you act childish too -.-
dont even dare say no to that cause both you and I know what occurances have caused me to think so in the past. with that said if you dont like any of us why not leave us alone.

p.s. If you say your the leader then why not take responsibility in starting the e.o. guild IN LOKI AND THE OTHER SERVERS rather than just one server and you can never be too old to be a kid ;P
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