Johnny (puppetx) wrote in elpis_orina,

Flipper, Please remove Sean form the people able to edit this Livejournal. I replied to the post about him messing with them and he even deleted that comment. I'm not going to tollerete it. He's being immature and I request his removal until he can learn to smarten up.
It's not just you, who you're messing with Sean. It effects everyone here. We've made this Community so we have a place to comment on eachother without taking it strictly to the site.
You're an ass lately. Plain and simple. Grow up or get the fuck out. I'm tire dof putting up with your bullshit. You're immature and until that stops you shouldn't have a place in this community. You've been trusted with power here and you've abused it. I'm one of the guild leaders and i want you out of the community. Not the guild. The community. Whatever Flip or Steppy decides, goes.

And Edit: THIS ACCOUNT IS PAID FOR! So you don't have the right to screw with it like that :)
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