Ess (aestia) wrote in elpis_orina,

Info check again

Okay, just doing another info check. Click here to see what I have so far.

I'm not so much worried about personal info ("asl?") as I am about characters themselves. If I either didn't put in a character that is in the guild (Chaos OR Loki-to-be), or put in a character that is not/will not be a part of the guild, please make corrections. ^^x

Also double check your website URLs to make sure I have them correct. And, Flipper, do the emails actually work? ^^; If so then it would be nice if everyone posted their email address in a comment so that Flipper can set up/correct the forwards. Flip, if it still forwards to my email, please change it to halo at, thanks. ;D

Also... character biography pages. If you don't give me the following info then there'll be a bunch of question marks, and that never looks pretty. =P

Favorite skills:
Biography: Doesn't have to be anything major, just character background information if you're creative enough to come up with some.
Theme song: As suggested by Sean. :) Doesn't have to be a RO song. You don't have to specify this, but it would be interesting. And if you're going to make an MP3/midi of the song available for visitors to download, upload them to your own server and give me a link.

Also if you could make a transparent gif of your character's sprite, it would be appreciated... you can use this generator. ;D A front, standing view is sufficient~ If you don't know how to make a transparent gif then just give me your class/hairstyle/haircolor/headgears and I'll make it for you.

That's all... for now. =x
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